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Tale # 150
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Jun 23rd 2008 Submitted by Anonymous
“Sick leave?”
A donut Ok so one day I was told I by my manager he needed to speak to me about performance and time off. I was thinking that this would be that I needed to take some time off... no so much...

He sat me down with an HR person and need to talk to me about "Sick Leave". They told me I took too much sick time. I had taken a total of 4 days of sick leave from the company.

For some background during my training they told us that if we were sick that we needed to code that time as sick leave. So if I work from home then state that time code but if you were sick then you need to state sick.

So I did...

Way wrong answer. They told me that I needed to actually work while I was sick so they could bill my time for the client. I asked them in return that when I am sick with the flu and couldn't leave bed what should I do?

Their answer?

Take time off... LINK
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