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Tale # 34
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Dec 12th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“Helen Wants Attention!”
A donut "Helen" worked at a tech support firm contracted to a telecommunications company. But that's not important.

One day, Helen came to work, much like usual, and all her co-workers kept smiling at her and saying, "Congratulations!"

She found this very puzzling. Eventually she worked out that everyone thought she was pregnant.

Except she wasn't pregnant. So she told everyone this.

The next day, everyone was looking sad and saying "sorry."

She thought this was a rather extreme reaction to just not being pregnant, until she found out that the rumor mill was saying that she had had a miscarriage.

She thanked her co-workers for their concern, but told them she had never had been pregnant, let alone had a miscarriage.

The next day, none of Helen's co-workers would speak to her. If they looked at her at all, it was with anger and disgust.

She figured out that they had interpreted her denials as an attempted cover-up for an abortion of her non-existent baby.

Eventually, she managed to convince people that she had never been pregnant.

Then she was told that they didn't appreciate her making up rumors to get attention.

Helen had never made up any of those rumors, and never wanted any of that attention.

Work became rather unbearable. She soon quit work, to the relief of all her co-workers.

Several weeks later, at her new job, she bumped into an old friend from her former workplace.

The old friend's eyes lit up as he asked her if it was true that she had poisoned her old boss, who apparently had gotten sick soon after she had quit.

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