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Dec 13th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
A donut I was a web developer in a mid-sized company. My department, which ran a pretty large consumer web site, consisted of my boss and me.

My boss's main skills were in marketing--in fact, all he did was find people to cough up for banner ads. He was the CEO's younger brother.

He was completely clueless about the technology and proud of it. He held customers in complete contempt and blamed every technical problem on me (which wasn't fair: only half of them were due to me). He set ridiculous deadlines without an understanding of how long things would take, and rarely listened.

It got to the point where we were having shouting matches amongst the cubicles. Eventually I gave up and went over his head to the VP of Information Technology. I started to outline the problems as objectively as I could, but he cut in and said, "Well, frankly I'm surprised you've put up with him for so long. Nobody else in the office can stand him, and they don't even have to work with him."

He told me I was no longer allowed to talk to my boss. And then he brought my boss in and told him he was no longer allowed to talk to me. Someone from customer support was appointed to run messages between the two of us.

This, of course, was an absurdist situation, and would have been funny if it wasn't for how desperately unhappy this poor "runner" was. It went on for about three months, the atmosphere was terrible. I eventually resigned, much to the relief of the customer support guy.

When the VP's 'no-communication' edict came down, the CEO was on holiday. I tried to avoid him when he came back, but eventually he cornered me. He asked, "Is it true you're no longer on speaking terms with my brother?" I felt very sheepish and nervous, but said, "Well, yes."

He burst out laughing and shook my hand. LINK
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