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Tale # 41
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Dec 13th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“Workplace Safety for Dummies”
A donut This e-mail was sent to all employees. It is not a joke.

---Original Message---
From: [name]
To: [staff]
Subject: Safety Tips

*Close* the drawers of filing cabinets when not in use

*Move* boxes out of pathways, corridors, and high traffic areas

*Hold* the hand rail when using the stairs, and keep to the left

*Wipe* up spills and wet spots in the tea room and reception

*Walk* - do not run - in the office

When the cleaners are on site, *Look* for the "Caution - Slippery When Wet" signs indicating recently mopped or polished floors

*Approach* blind corners and walkways with caution - give way at T-intersections! LINK
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