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Tale # 50
Dept: I.T. Score: 216
Jan 3rd 2006 Submitted by Marxllw
“Crying Teamleader”
A donut A small team of developers were working on a huge project for a multinational automobile manufacturer. The specs for the onlone application where detailed on a napkin. When changes were needed, additional napkins were added.

This project was fairly high pressured, especially for the young female teamleader. She was getting a lot of pressure from the bulling male graphic teamleader, and this actually brought her to tears in front of her stressed team.

I found an opportunity to console her and mentioned that although things were hard for her, it was not good for team morale that she cry in front of the team. I also mentioned that it must be hard being bullied by male peers and difficult working in this environment as a woman.

She tried to get me fired for this, saying that I had said women were not good managers. She failed at this, but thereafter would always find "issues" with the application I was developing. I must have rewritten that application five times before I found another job. LINK
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