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Tale # 51
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Jan 3rd 2006 Submitted by Pizza guy
“Big bad bootlickers”
A donut I used to work in a corporate pizza chain. Not as a manager, but as a cook. The guy who gets dirty, burned, and underappreciated. I emphasize the "corporate" part because, despite making incredibly good pizza, it was turning into a corporate cult. I stayed there for four years, working long hours for low pay because I loved pizza so much. The managers would make big displays out of how submissive they were to higher-level managers. I even called some of them the "big bad bootlickers." One manager got so angry at me he called me the A-word right in front of other employees.

An emphasis on corporateness is often a harbinger of bad things to come. My last winter there, it was announced that we cooks were to have another task dumped on us to relieve the workloads of other departments: we had to handwash the metal heat sinks that we put into the inch-thick pizzas to make them cook faster. This was a VERY time-consuming practice that caused us to have to stay late. Both of my managers gave me the same reason for me having to do this: "If you don't do it, we won't get our bonuses."

I didn't last much longer than that. I moved on to become a real chef elsewhere. The A-word guy eventually quit in frustration at his job. The restaurant went out of business a few years later, and a knockoff chain has taken its place.

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