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Tale # 57
Dept: I.T. Score: 822
Jan 11th 2006 Submitted by Nathan Davies
“Shooting Up”
A donut Once I got a rather strange call from my boss asking if I had noticed "anything unusual" the day before. He said he had found a used syringe in one of the offices and they had already called the police and blocked access to the room. My boss started to interrogate me and my co-workers, apparently assuming that one of us had been doing drugs in there.

When I finally got access to the room, I saw that the "syringe" had a web address on the side. It was CPU thermal paste. A support person had been in the room the day before and hadn't disposed of the thermal paste needle.

It's funny how paranoid everyone is. Even when the news got out that it was thermal paste, some people still remained suspicious. LINK
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