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Tale # 60
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Jan 21st 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Nutbag the Incredible”
A donut I worked for a software company's technical training department. We were talented people who knew our jobs and were mostly directed by the departmental secretary/admin, who scheduled classes and told us where we needed to be, on what date, to deliver which class.

Unfortunately, above her, two staffing levels above the trainers, we had Nutbag the Incredible. He was into the Vision Thing in a big way but rarely came down to Earth to consider the practical implications of what he said.

For example, when we moved into a new building he told us we'd be working in cubicles with no dividers between them--the better to foster "collaboration." Even he, he said, would be in such a cube, not in one of the offices along the walls.

We all looked at him with complete horror and told him that our jobs didn't want or need his "forced collaboration". He didn't listen, but our friend, the departmental admin, was careful to get us all regular cubes after all.

After telling us for the better part of the week how much he hated offices and would enjoy working in a cube, he conspicuously set up all his stuff in a cube then began moving things surreptitiously into an office and doing all his work from in there. He never even noticed when someone took the chair out of "his" cube.

He almost never inquired into what any of us were doing, and never told us what he was allegedly doing to manage us. Except at the annual users conference when he'd give a big speech to our team about his latest Vision Thing for our team.

He eventually left the company when word got around that he'd been banging a female consultant in "after-hours strategy sessions" that none of us had understood the need for. LINK
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