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Tale # 73
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Feb 8th 2006 Submitted by J. Ust A'Dockboy
“The Baddest QA Guy Alive”
A donut I work for a large locomotive air brake manufacturing company. The department, or rather sub-department, I work in is recieving. It is myself and my compatriots job to remove large crates from the backs of trucks (using a forklift) and then place the items contained therein (typically large chunks of metal weighing from 50-200 pounds) in the appropiate areas, by hand.

I hate my job.

However, for the most part it was bearable and I had a good arrangment with managment. That is until corporate ordered us (and all other repair shops) to institute a "Quality Assurance" program. The little weasel that they hired, was tasked with "assuring quality and safety." Let me explain something to you, my department is located very close to the repair department for pracitcal convenience. No one wants to carry huge brake valves any amount of distance at all. Naturally it is very loud here, taking rusted metal studs and stripped screws out is noisy. My job is dirty and standard safety gloves are required to protect hands but almost always tear and larger gloves inhibit lifting. None of us ever handled tools and thus none of us ever wore safety goggles. This was not a problem prior to the advent of "Quality" Assurance.

Within a week of assuming his lofty position the weasel had stated that we were the most "unsafe" department in the company. As a result I am now required to wear huge leather gloves to protect my delicate skin from scratching on any sharp edges, tiny "one-size-fits-no-one" safety goggles to protect my eyes, and ear plugs that prohibit any and all communication with anyone.

Faced with my new inability to grasp anything (try wearing a large pair of stiff leather gloves and lifting weights), see anything (I wear glasses that do not fit under the goggles and side-shields were deemed "unsafe"), or communicate with my underlings we soldiered on as best we could.

A week later we were criticized for our "falling effeciency level." LINK
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