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Tale # 74
Dept: I.T. Score: 326
Feb 15th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Homeless for Helpdesk”
A donut Working on the helpdesk in a four-man IT department, I discovered how abused entry-level workers are. On Saturdays I had to work until 11 p.m., spend an hour commuting home, sleep for 3 hours, then return to work for 6 a.m.

I decided that on those days it was more efficient to sleep in my car at a local truck stop. However, this meant I was constantly tired, and I finally snapped and was kicked out of my parents' house. With nowhere to live, broke, and earning $9 an hour, I sold my car and began squatting at a nearby warehouse.

Finally I was pulled into a meeting with two managers who informed me of their disatisfaction with my appearance and smell. I explained my sad story to them. They listened to this and decided that I was unable to meet the requirements for the position, so they fired me. LINK
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