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Tale # 79
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Apr 12th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Kidney failure had better not stop you from coming into work”
A donut My dad is a fairly high level manager for a large manufacturing corporation. They are well known in our area for being a horrible place to work.

My dad also has kidney disease, and is nearly to the point where he is going to need dialysis. Because of this, he is highly susceptible to disease, such as pneumonia.

Around Christmas, he caught pneumonia. The doctor wanted to put him in the hospital, but my dad had to work. Finally, he took some sick days, as he was about to lose them at the end of the year anyway. His boss called him at home, and told him he could jolly well work at home from his laptop, because the end of the year was no time to be getting sick.

Then, about a month ago, his boss informed him that if he goes into kidney failure, he had better figure out a way to come into work, because his being sick wasn't his boss's problem. LINK
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