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Tale # 83
Dept: I.T. Score: 257
May 10th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“A Blessing”
A donut I worked for a non-profit company that refurbished computers for resale to underpriveledged familes. The computers were sold for the same price Microsoft charged for software licenses.

Soon after my employment started, I realised I was quite a bit more competent than all their employees. As is my nature, I stepped in and developed efficient new routines for almost all aspects of their business.

Nearing the end of my contract they were so thrilled with my work they wrote a letter saying, "We are blessed to have you in our company." As anyone would be, I was touched.

A few weeks later, they emailed me to say they'd received a CD for Microsoft Office in their mailslot, and asked if I knew anything about it. I didn't have any idea.

A few months later, the new company I was working for did a background check on me and found the non-profit had informed the police that I had defrauded them of their software and stolen from them. They had even submitted a restraining order against me. LINK
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