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Tale # 89
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Aug 2nd 2006 Submitted by Steve Green
“Visionary minutes...”
A donut A few years back I was recruited into management for a not-for-profit organization.

The CEO was a lovely lady, but short on leadership insight (read "clueless"). She called us in groups into head office (20 minutes drive each way) for a "special meeting," which lasted 10 minutes and was about nothing that couldn't have been easily emailed.

We figured out that she wasted a whole lot of time with three groups having to go at different times.

Then she hired a consultant to help develop the company's "vision and mission." Twenty-five staff were taken out of active duty for two full days, but by the end nothing had been developed.

Funny thing is she's considered to be a local mover and shaker in the business community! LINK
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