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Tale # 35
Dept: Operations Score: -107
Dec 12th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“Wet Wagons”
A donut I once worked for a landscaping company, whose boss was a very high-tempered perfectionist.

One day I was watering the plants outside the store, and some water jumped, with wind assistance, onto nearby wagons, which were there for customer convience while shopping.

I thought to myself, no big deal: it's just water, they'll dry, they've gotten wet before

A while later I heard my boss's angry voice on the radio. I was never allowed to water the plants out front again.
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Tale # 34
Dept: All-Staff Score: 793
Dec 12th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“Helen Wants Attention!”
A donut "Helen" worked at a tech support firm contracted to a telecommunications company. But that's not important.

One day, Helen came to work, much like usual, and all her co-workers kept smiling at her and saying, "Congratulations!"

She found this very puzzling. Eventually she worked out that everyone thought she was pregnant.

Except she wasn't pregnant. So she told everyone this.

The next day, everyone was looking sad and saying "sorry."

She thought this was a rather extreme reaction to just not being pregnant, until she found out that the rumor mill was saying that she had had a miscarriage.

She thanked her co-workers for their concern, but told them she had never had been pregnant, let alone had a miscarriage.

The next day, none of Helen's co-workers would speak to her. If they looked at her at all, it was with anger and disgust.

She figured out that they had interpreted her denials as an attempted cover-up for an abortion of her non-existent baby.

Eventually, she managed to convince people that she had never been pregnant.

Then she was told that they didn't appreciate her making up rumors to get attention.

Helen had never made up any of those rumors, and never wanted any of that attention.

Work became rather unbearable. She soon quit work, to the relief of all her co-workers.

Several weeks later, at her new job, she bumped into an old friend from her former workplace.

The old friend's eyes lit up as he asked her if it was true that she had poisoned her old boss, who apparently had gotten sick soon after she had quit.

Way it goes. LINK
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Tale # 33
Dept: Management Score: 99
Dec 12th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“And They Wonder Why They Were Losing Money”
A donut Right out of college I got hired into a smallish software company as a sort of assistant-to-the-development-manager. It was my job to help streamline processes, write documentation guidelines, create a documentation website to contain and keep updated by developers all software process docs, requirement docs, etc. My boss (the manager of software development) had been hired just months before me.

Turns out before that, there was NO manager. Everyone reported to the micro-managing CEO directly. There were no requirements processes, it was all very ad hoc. This caused them to be eternally late delivering software and in turn lose money.

After only 4 months on the job and promises from the CEO that we would be profitable, there were layoffs for not being profitable.

Two of those laid off?

Myself and the Development manager. Nothing like a company going back to what was making them lose money. LINK
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Tale # 32
Dept: All-Staff Score: 211
Dec 12th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“Charity begins in the office...”
A donut Working recently on a large IT project in the UK I started as a lonely temp with 7 others, one of being a friend who I had worked with before and had recommended I work there (curse him).

The induction was hell. The normal corporate "lets all get to know a little more about each other in the most embarrassing way possible." After a few months we all settled in and being a new department ideas where banded around on how to make the job more "fun" and "colleague incentives." A "Dress Down Friday" was chosen, with a "charity donation" of 1 pound per week.

A few weeks later I asked the newly-assigned ‘Charity Donation Treasurer’ (a perky 19 year old girl), "Where is the money going to?" Her response was: “I've decided it should go to breast cancer, as my aunt had it.”

Now don’t get me wrong: this is a very worthy cause and affects a lot of women; my family have been affected by cancer, as have most people I know.


I asked, “Has this been agreed by everyone? There are other charities and maybe we could split donations among a few different ones.” In a tongue-in-cheek tone I added, “It's not really charity if its enforced.”

“No, its my choice,” she said, hands on hips and voice a bit too loud.

At this point a team leader walked past and asked if there was a problem.

To which she said (again loudly) “[Craig] thinks it's wrong to give the charity money to Breast Cancer and he's not willing to donate.”

“Is this true?” I was asked by a second team leader who had now joined in.

"Well, sort of," I stumbled, “I just think if I'm going to donate, I should be able to choose where my donation is going.”

At this point I was taken off to a small room by both the team leaders and told to stop upsetting my team-mates. I was also given a verbal warning.

I have since left, but that’s a different story.... LINK
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Tale # 31
Dept: Human Resources Score: 382
Dec 12th 2005 Submitted by Dojopan
“Counting the Minutes”
A donut I used to work a grocery store which was governed by a woman I would be accurate in describing as a "bean counter".

One day I called in sick, which I was, and this very lovely woman called me a liar and hung up on me. This infuriated me to the point that I called right back with every intention to resign my post but to frustrate me even more she put me on hold for ten minutes. Now, this may have been a good thing since I realized while I waited that quitting my job would hurt me a lot more than it would her. So I decided to resort to using some civilized verbal abuse (and it was indeed civilized, some words that were in my head did not escape through my mouth) and expressed my discontent with her attitude towards me as an employee. The conversation ended amicably with us coming to a common understanding. Or so I thought.

The next time I came into work I was summoned to her office. Once I got there I received no eye contact from her (her attempt to dominate the situation) and in front of her was my punch clock printout, with every day where I was even just one minute late highlighted. In this group of days being late my average was about three minutes past the hour - and this is in Iceland, where if you're ten minutes late, you're on time (in Mexico I'd have been there before she was). Still she gave me a long lecture on what a bad employee I was - this coming from the only boss I've had who hasn't given me outstanding recommendations - while my department head stood by almost burying his face in his hands. I countered with the argument that I made up for it by never taking a cigarette break, since I don't smoke, and her reply was... that nobody in the company smoked. Which was an insane lie (or delusions of some kind) since more than half of the staff were smokers at that time.

It's safe to say that I lost that battle unfairly but was redeemed when this very lovely woman got fired for being an uptight *enter civilized verbal abuse*.
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