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Tale # 547
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Jul 25th 2012 Submitted by Anonymous
“I made it work and said Okay!”
A donut I work for a call center who's main focus is rewards memberships and card protection programs. I worked in a another division with a contract from one of the major credit card issuers for four years as a team leader. when I was asked to take a Unit Manager position in our "rewards" department.

Shortly after I was transfered to this Department, I found myself shackled with impossible circumstances. The Department had three Unit Managers. One leaves on Maternity leave and I am asked to over see her team. The other is terminated for inappropriate relationships and I was asked to oversee her team. I am now at over 50 employees. I made it work and said okay! They hired one Unit Manager and he was walked off the job. He could not handle to daily berating of the Dirictor and redicules disputes from Human Resources. The new mother returned and things settled for a few months.

Then the company outsourced the department to India. In a poorly planned layoff exit, they placed employees in three rooms. One for those being kept and one with the boxes. They held six positions in this department for proccessing and consumer affairs calls/issues. I won the Unit Manager position, but I made it work and said Okay! I must state the programs sold by this company and enrolled in not so legal manner. This lead to special projects with two state Attorney General's offices and a class action suit. I managed the team and handled appropriatly. I made it work and said okay!

The company who multiple shell names change on a bi-yealy basis, transfered current sales to thier Ireland branch. I now have been threatened/screamed at by customers, lawyers, and advocates. Due to a pay freeze for five years, I have recieved nothing but one mandated cost of living raise. I made it worked and said Okay!

Now they have decided to close my department and outsource our jobs. They want me to return to my original division as a team lead, but assist them on explaining my work to those taking my job. I will have to take the offer due to unemployment and job opportunity is lacking in our area. I will make it work, but this time it is not okay!

Sometimes in life people feed you broken glass. If you eat it that is all they will serve you. LINK
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Tale # 195
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Jun 17th 2009 Submitted by Michael
“collective responsibility in 2009”
A donut I have joined a company in the software business, looking all good, not so many people, with good outlook for growth, the product was good in quality and somehow it all made sense. Two weeks in the job the boss calls in a company meeting to tell us that one of our colleagues is missing 300 euros from his wallet which he left on his desk while going to lunch /a very smart move obviously/. Now the solution proposed was not to call the police to investigate this, but our boss suggested that all of us throw in some money for our colleague /he refused to accept the money collected from us himself/ as a memento for someone being dumb enough to keep the entry door opened for strangers to walk in and take stuff out. Two weeks in the job, not knowing any of these guys I refused to pay the amount and insisted on the standard crime-police solution. However my new boss didnīt like this and called me anti-social and not-a-team player telling me he canīt trust me anymore and that he is going to deduct the amount from my salary anyway. I told him that to do that he would need an order from the judge. I kept on working normally without paying further attention to this "thing" but soon I had to realise that my great boss didnīt want to understand that I am not going to discuss this any further with him and refused to accept my own control over my own finances he was called an idiot by my self and I left the company. LINK
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Tale # 304
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Mar 24th 2010 Submitted by Anonymous
“the tripping up of an employee”
A donut Done the job and was trained up well, but new staff arrived from another firm they bought and hay presto his job was on the line, no they could not just get rid, they needed a reason....so day after day they piled on more work and told him he was managment material so he grafted and grafted until one day he was having an of day and started to make mistakes, thinking that they would cut him some slack well a few days later he was asked to come to a tribunal meeting to discuss weather he was fit for the job he was employed to do...well as you guestit they decided he was not and he got his notice in the post... LINK
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Tale # 170
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May 19th 2009 Submitted by KM
“The not-so-manager Manager !!”
A donut I am working in a consultancy company, and my manager is a real one whom one can work under. No complains here, he is a nice guy but he just doesn't have that firmness to be a manager and not to mention he is at times carefree attitude towards security related issues.

Man, I still remember the day when once he took out the printout of all the passwords of the employees including himself- their computer's password and email. And what did he do then, he absentmindedly stuck it on his notice board. I was really shocked to see it there and told him of what he did. I should have photographed his face then, the way he blushed and smiled. "Heh, heh; that was a clumsy thing to do, well no harm done, is it", he said and took it out. What he failed to see was by then I had noted his and the HR's passwords.

What next I controlled and had access to both my manager's and HR's email id and got to know what they are talking about my fellow colleagues behind our back. But then soon my inner consciousness told me not and I stopped or maybe the self consciousness day collided with the day our new IT guy came and changed the system passwords and criterias. But I must say even he at times acts stupid when it comes to IT security.

No wonder I have been having a gala fun time in my company since 2 years.... LINK
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Tale # 288
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Dec 13th 2009 Submitted by Anonymous
A donut A former colleague got this new job as a Manager (she was a Senior Analyst)in the competition of our company. This wouldn't have being nothing out of the ordinary except that she insisted that everything was so sudden and unexpected...and happened exactly after she received the Xmas Bonus, full month's salary, the day after her birthday celebration(aside from the fact that side that she went through a totally makeover) and the person she was going to work for was a previous employee in our company, she was totally recommended by my boss (who is a former co-worker of the new employer)

The day she left our boss call for a meeting to announce the "news" that my co-worker got this great offer from out of the blue and that the company policy is that since she was going to work for the competition she had to leave right away without saying goodbye.

I think the only thing unexpected was how long it took her to sign the new job contract. LINK
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