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Tale # 288
Dept: Sales & Marketing Score: -6
Dec 13th 2009 Submitted by Anonymous
A donut A former colleague got this new job as a Manager (she was a Senior Analyst)in the competition of our company. This wouldn't have being nothing out of the ordinary except that she insisted that everything was so sudden and unexpected...and happened exactly after she received the Xmas Bonus, full month's salary, the day after her birthday celebration(aside from the fact that side that she went through a totally makeover) and the person she was going to work for was a previous employee in our company, she was totally recommended by my boss (who is a former co-worker of the new employer)

The day she left our boss call for a meeting to announce the "news" that my co-worker got this great offer from out of the blue and that the company policy is that since she was going to work for the competition she had to leave right away without saying goodbye.

I think the only thing unexpected was how long it took her to sign the new job contract. LINK
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Tale # 277
Dept: Operations Score: 14
Oct 22nd 2009 Submitted by Anonymous
A donut OK, Iíve been outsourced three times while working for a large international company. The first time I was struck by the fact that when I left there were three people replacing my job function.
The second- time several years later- I was outsourced and this time there were over five people in the same function. The third and final time was critical for me as I was too old to consider looking for work. Alas I was consumed by the outsource but allowed to continue to work at the same function with the appropriate reductions in pay and benefits.
But Walla! This time, being the most knowledgeable and senior I was able to divide up the work day with my other cohorts so that each of us only work two hours a day for the same pay! So next time youíre faced with outsourcing, consider infiltrating!
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Tale # 271
Dept: Sales & Marketing Score: 13
Oct 18th 2009 Submitted by Anonymous
“Minority Report.”
A donut I got this internship in the Marketing Department of a very large corporate company. They told me that they didn't have the funds to pay me but were still willing to take me on as an unpaid intern. Since the economy is bad, I decided to take it anyway. The first week I was there was pretty great, everyone was congenial enough and it didn't seem like a big deal. One day my boss, who was a good friend of mine from before, asked me to lunch. She said she wanted to have a conversation with me. The conversation started off like this:

"So you might have noticed that you're the only person who looks like you at the company.."

She went on to tell me how the company was ridiculously conservative and didn't hire minorities. They also didn't ever promote women, and the one woman that they did promote never had her ideas accepted. She went on to tell me that in the many years the company has been running, out of 6 different very large buildings, I was the first minority to ever be hired. My entire department had betting pools on how long I would last.

The biggest part of all of this was this: I didn't realize I was the only minority there! It never even occurred to me! I grew up in a small town where I was always the only minority in sight so it was never a big deal. I'm pretty much white-kid, anyway.

So i tried to continue on for a month, but couldn't do it. It was affecting my mental health and finally decided to resign gracefully.

I just found out that another friend recently got my old position. She's making $12 an hour. She's white. LINK
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Tale # 267
Dept: All-Staff Score: -9
Oct 7th 2009 Submitted by sachin
A donut We people are recruited as engineers and we undergo a lot of training our company invest immensely in training.
The managerial trainings we get are all from very reoputed fecilitating organizations or people.

So, in one such training the trainer asked have you ever thanked your parents, have you ever callled your mother to say mumma I love you i wanna thank you for whatever you did for me.

on this two people of our trainees batch started crying.

I was not able to relate the traininers word with what was in my mind and why people were crying..

Ok they became emotional but can we have a second thought that we dont require to do certain things a hug to my mother tells her how much i love her and its my way of doing.... LINK
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Tale # 229
Dept: All-Staff Score: -6
Jul 30th 2009 Submitted by Anonymous
A donut Our lab is testing a strain that creates a body stasis to help triage patients whose bodies go into shock. We test on cadavers we purchase from a company. Some of them smell like they are homeless. A girl complained about the smell and asked why some smelled so bad. She was fired the next day. We don't dispose of the post experiment cadavers, we resell them to other labs.. LINK
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