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Tale # 151
Dept: All-Staff Score: 8
Jun 27th 2008 Submitted by Anonymous
“Don't go on that project management course”
A donut About six months after starting my job I decided to see if I could get work to pay for some training courses. I sent an email requesting I go to a project management course. I was working as an editor and writer so I was very persuasive and the company said yes. Off I went and it wasn't very useful but I now had something else to put on my C.V.

Fast-forward two years and I'm writing an educational book for kids. I write 8000 words in three days. It's wrong because the brief is wrong. I rewrite over three days and cut it down to 4000 words. It's still wrong because the new brief is wrong. I rewrite again over three days and bring it down to 1500 words.

Few days later and I get called into office and grilled over why this 1500 words took 9 work days. Grilled by the guy who gave the bad brief two times. I'm sick of this behaviour from him so for the first time ever I tell the truth: it took 9 days because your briefings were wrong each time.

Fast-forward another two weeks and I'm called into a meeting to discuss my "performance". The HR person says "We sent you to a Project management course when you started here because you weren't managing your projects. Nothing has changed and we think you shouldn't work here any longer."

I quit during that meeting. Soon after some of my friends there were fired in the same way: any course you went to was used as evidence you were not performing.

Later we found the boss and two others had accepted jobs at a rival company and were gutting the whole place so they could put in an ultra low bid for it. Which they did and won. The entire place got sold off, many people were fired and that company lost massive sales.

The only justice in here? The evil HR lady lost her job too. One of my friends said she was crying in the carpark when he left after being fired. LINK
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Tale # 150
Dept: Human Resources Score: 18
Jun 23rd 2008 Submitted by Anonymous
“Sick leave?”
A donut Ok so one day I was told I by my manager he needed to speak to me about performance and time off. I was thinking that this would be that I needed to take some time off... no so much...

He sat me down with an HR person and need to talk to me about "Sick Leave". They told me I took too much sick time. I had taken a total of 4 days of sick leave from the company.

For some background during my training they told us that if we were sick that we needed to code that time as sick leave. So if I work from home then state that time code but if you were sick then you need to state sick.

So I did...

Way wrong answer. They told me that I needed to actually work while I was sick so they could bill my time for the client. I asked them in return that when I am sick with the flu and couldn't leave bed what should I do?

Their answer?

Take time off... LINK
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Tale # 149
Dept: Operations Score: 23
Jun 22nd 2008 Submitted by Anonymous
“Frankly sir, you are.”
A donut While in college, I worked full-time for a regional rental car chain. If you've seen the Hertz commercials that depict "the bargain rental company" then you know a little bit about where I worked.

Our manager was a great friend to all of the employees but was ultimately spineless when it came to asking his seniors for something. At one point the light bulbs in his office went out and, due to his cowardice, it was two months before they were replaced (which I had to do while he was on vacation).

In any event, our location had received some complaints about the cleanliness of the cars as well as the amount of time people were waiting, even with a reservation. My manager was called in 4-5 times over the next two months, as the CEO tried to figure out what the problem was. The corporate office was literally across the street from our location. He would always return from those meetings looking scared and command us to redouble our efforts.

After two months of meetings, the complaints still rolled in. Fed up, the CEO had our entire team to the corporate office to discuss the issue.

CEO: Why the hell can't you guys get this right?!

Me: Sir, have you ever noticed that every complaint occurs on a Tuesday or Friday?

CEO: What...who works those days.

Me: We all rotate those days. But the employees working is not what those days have in common.

CEO: Well then what's the problem

Me: Frankly sir, you are. Every Tuesday your wife brings her Jaguar to have it detailed, she's rude, and she threatens our jobs if we don't do it quickly. And every Friday when you bring your Navigator to have it detailed, we drop everything else we're doing to get that done.

CEO: ............. I'll look into it

Three days later I was fired for being 2 minutes late for a shift. A shift that I'd worked a month before. LINK
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Tale # 146
Dept: I.T. Score: -11
May 1st 2008 Submitted by Anonymous
“Target completion”
A donut We, three team members, were gathered at one cubicle and were discussing about some defects when our Senior Project Manager (SPM) came. We were little worried as he had told in the last meeting that the defect count in our project was raising and should be checked. He saw three of us standing there actively discussing something technical which he could not understand. He was in a very happy mood, and saw one more team member approaching the scene with a slip on which was written a defect number. And here is what followed:

SPM: (smiling) Defects?
One of us nodded, and the fourth guy talks something about his defect to us.
SPM: One more defect...good

SPM moves off to the next cubicle where a Junior Project Manager (JPM) sits.

SPM: What is the planned work % to be completed?
JPM: 30
SPM: How much did we complete?
JPM: 27
SPM: Any surprises?
JPM: no
SPM: (happily) good

And left the place ! LINK
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Tale # 144
Dept: All-Staff Score: 8
Apr 28th 2008 Submitted by William
“No Health Insurance For You”
A donut I worked at an Italian Restaurant chain located in the Silicon Valley, a small company with about 4 locations in the West Valley, the North Valley, and an office on Stevens Creek blvd.

They worked my quite hard and would often seat my tables 15 minutes before my shift started, created an environment that forced the "long term employees" to do their side work off the clock (the short term employees where the ones who did not work of the clock to get their side work done), and made it impossible to take a mid shift break by asking you to do task as you tried to eat (long term employees learned to leave the building during a mid shift break).

I had worked a location for the required 3 months and became eligible to get health insurance but before this event occurred they learned that I am a "Type 1 Diabetic" despite my efforts to hide it from them, I have learned the hard way to keep this information to myself.

One day before I was able to qualify for health insurance I was informed that "things where not working out" and that I was going to be let go BUT if I like I can work at the Formal Restaurant located in the North Valley which I accepted being that any job is better than no job.

I then went to work at the Formal Restaurant and after two weeks there I went the main office and asked about getting health insurance. I was told by an office worker that "since I am working at a different restaurant that my 3 month waiting period had started over from and that I would need to wait another three months to qualify.

The office is one large room and all of the woman in the office stopped what they where doing as soon as they heard my question and I told them my name, and they had the look of "I know and you know this is BS but what are you going to do" on there faces as I was informed of this policy. As I walked out the door I heard something about "get another job" from the women in the office.

Needles to say I did. LINK
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