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Tale # 143
Dept: All-Staff Score: 9
Mar 10th 2008 Submitted by Anonymous
“How would you like to be fired like this?”
A donut At one major multinational communications company that is Canadian based, they called my whole department including the department head in to a conference room, where a phone was set up without any other personnel from the company were present.

The phone rang and the department head answered it. He was told to put the call on speaker phone and in in a one minute statement the voice at the other end told us we were all layed off immediately with one weeks severance per yaer of service and to clean out our dseks and leave. That was it! NICE COMPANY! LINK
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Tale # 142
Dept: All-Staff Score: 9
Mar 9th 2008 Submitted by Anonymous
“How 'bout a raise?”
A donut I worked for a small company that eventually got bought out by a large corporation. It was a shock to most of us and all were worried about losing the close, family like group we had for years. We were assured by the (newly wealthy) original owners that nothing would change and we'd all continue to live on in happy bliss.

During the first year, very little changed. We did begin to receive more mass emails from the upper management of the new corporation, often with a lot of blah, blah, blah, rah, rah, rah rant that didn't actually say much of anything. Grumbling among our group began, but no one really said much of anything, mainly fearing being laid off by the new management.

In the fall of that year, the new young president of the monster corporation sent out one such email. It touted how successful the company was, with profits exceeding expectations. An old timer with the company who was known for his unconventional antics decided to reply:

"Great news! Thanks for the email. Since we are doing so well, how 'bout a raise?"

Unfortunately, an assistant who screened the president's email caught it and sent it to our local management level. Everyone was extremely upset, and I as this man's supervisor, was directed to have a stern talk with him and write him up. I did follow up with an email and later a phone call that said:

"Excellent job! It's what we are all thinking and we appreciate you taking the initiative". LINK
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Tale # 141
Dept: Management Score: 15
Mar 2nd 2008 Submitted by Anonymous
“Watch behind your back”
A donut A new district director was transfered in. All managers were warned that she would be insulted if anyone more than two pay grades lower than she tried to talk to her. As she stayed in her office and spoke to very few people, this did not present a problem.

Then came the day the headquarters executives would come to town. She determined that the most important thing done by her staff was the recruitment of minorities and handicapped people to entry level positions. She would put on a meeting for all employees at a hall to display the new employees to the hq execs.

Fate can be cruel. The managers warned all the minority and handicapped employees not to speak to the director under any circumstances. They were all quite a bit lower paid than the director and any attempt at conversation would be dealt with harshly.

The day and time of the presentation came and the employees filed into the hall. The hq execs, too, sat for the presentation. The director hurried to the meeting and excused herself from the rest of her staff and went to the ladies' room. Her staff went ahead and checked the stage. All the new employees were dutifully sitting at the curtain, so the director's staff sat down in the front rows.

The director entered from the center stage curtain. She walked to the podium and started her speech. The newly hired looked at each other. At first they seemed shocked, then confused as to what to do. Finally, they did as instructed, "Don't talk to the director."

The director finished her speech to polite applause. She turned around and walked back to the curtain. Her dress had been tucked into her pantyhose, revealing more of the director than anyone want to know. LINK
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Tale # 133
Dept: I.T. Score: 39
Dec 30th 2007 Submitted by Anonymous
“Computer work”
A donut My particular job was to move computers from cube to cube, among several large buildings for a financial company.

One day, in about my 3rd month on the job, I arrived with my cart to the cube on my work order for equipment removal. The cube in question had a lady sitting at her desk, typing away. I asked if she knew about the computer I was too pick up and showed her the work order. After reading the work order the look on her face was one of horror, sadness and anger. She broke out sobbing, gently folder her arms and resting her head on the desk. I immediately went to her manager 2 floors above to ask if he had given me the correct information, I felt there must have been a mistake.

His answer was that he had forgotten to tell this lady she was displaced. He picked up the phone and asked security to come walk her out IMMEDIATELY. Shrugging his shoulder he sort of laughed then reminded me he needed her equipment out ASAP so his unit would no longer be charged the monthly networking fee. After a silent, awkward pause, he asked me to close the door on my way to get her equipment. LINK
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Tale # 132
Dept: I.T. Score: 23
Dec 30th 2007 Submitted by Anonymous
“I smell pipe smoke”
A donut I used to work at a company that was growing rather fast. Because of this, when a new person started, the HR droid took a Polaroid snapshot and hung it on on poster with a diagram of the seating arrangement on the wall with your name underneath it.

This way if someone needed to talk to "joe smith" they could go to the poster and find your name and see what you looked like and where you sat.

Turn over was pretty high.

The guy that did the firing smoked a pipe. He would walk up to the poster with a piece of paper in his hand. You could seem him scanning the poster looking for a match on the name.

When he found the match, he would take down the photo and walk up and down the aisles till he found the person he was looking for.

He would then take him into a conference room and terminate him/her.

It became a sick joke: When you smell pipe smoke, keep your head down.
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