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Tale # 72
Dept: Management Score: 158
Feb 8th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Social Worker Special”
A donut You don't always have to get paid to be abused! I signed up to volunteer as a group facilitator for teens in abusive relatioships. It was supposed to start at the beginning of autumn 2005.

As soon as I met the resident overlord I suspected incompetence and a very bad character, but I believed in this cause so I stayed on.

Indeed there was incomptence. It's now Feb.2006 with no start date in sight.

We were trained in December by a person from the CDC. We were put in groups of three to work on problems that might come up during a group we were leading. I was put in with the resident overlord and another social worker. The topic? What to do if you and a co-facilitator disagree during a group session.

As I'm not a social worker, nor am I officially a staff person I waited for the others to lay out their ideas first. Dead silence. I waited a little while longer, still no response. I considered a call for life support but decided to initiate the conversation instead. Big mistake.

I asked the other team members what they would do. I took notes on their answers and reconfirmed that my notes were what they wanted me to present to the whole group. My overlord was seething because I had taken the lead in the group.

After I finished laying out what each person had said the overlord stood up over me and pointed vigorously at my head. She practically screamed that everything I had just said was wrong. She then went on to explain the "correct" version,. whereupon she literally repeted what I had said almost word for word.

There was a stunned silence and some uncomfortable laughter. I was impressed! She'd really showed us what not to do when a disagreement arises.

After that I was just too busy to help out any more. Too bad, because I believe in this cause but I don't believe in volunteering to work with a bully! LINK
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Tale # 104
Dept: Management Score: 158
Jan 23rd 2007 Submitted by Anonymous
“A Short Six Weeks”
A donut I was assigned the project of assessing a new market in Asia. I created a scope of work, work-back schedule, and deadline for launch: six weeks. The CEO signed off on this.

One week later, he called me urgently from this country to "send what I had." I explained I was still researching and working on copy: all I had were some early Word documents. He wanted them anyway. So I sent them.

The CEO returned a week early and called all management into the boardroom, including me. He then proceeded for the next three hours to humiliate me for my shoddy work. LINK
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Tale # 52
Dept: Operations Score: 144
Jan 4th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Window washers”
A donut I worked for a very clean bicycle shop. One day a friend of mine was walking past the enormous panel windows that served as the walls of the store. She recognized me, and slapped the window to get my attention. My supervisor, who had been watching the whole affair, shooed her away, and demanded that I wash the windows immediately. One of my peers, observing this overreaction, reacted with a simple shrug and rolling of the eyes. Apparently, this was grounds for his termination, for insubordination. Higher ups vetoed this decision, but he left anyway. LINK
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Tale # 103
Dept: Sales & Marketing Score: 143
Jan 17th 2007 Submitted by Anonymous
“Go for no!”
A donut I worked for a rather large computer seller. After I had been there for a while, they initiated a new training program. Apparently, this is a very well studied method. It was called "Go for no."

Here's the premise of the policy:

A customer is almost 75% more likely to purchase something after saying no more than 5 times.

The new policy was to MAKE SURE the customer says no to EVERY thing you try to sell them AT LEAST 5 times. Needless to say, this resulted in many, many annoyed customers. LINK
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Tale # 82
Dept: Operations Score: 141
Apr 25th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“No Boss is a Good Boss?”
A donut I worked for a business whose services included children's birthday parties. I was to do the setup and then entertain the kids: "If the children are happy, they'll make their parents come back."

On my first day of work, I was shown my job as quickly as the owner possibly could. We're talking maybe ten minutes total of explanation.

Then the owner was rushed to the hospital, where she stayed for over a week.

Suddenly I had to do a birthday party for 20+ little kids. Both food vendors messed up, and the kid's birthday cake had to be fetched while I started the party.

I spent most of the party making sure kids weren't swinging their golf clubs in the air or climbing on things they shouldn't be. I also spent quite a bit of time keeping them on our premises since the birthday girl's mother was busy talking to other parents and ignoring the children.

When the owner got back, she informed me that the mother of the birthday girl had "felt ignored." I wasn't hired to entertain the parents; I was hired to interact with the children. But despite the manager saying I was the hardest working employee ever, the owner decided I wasn't a good match for the job.

Before she could fire me, I quit. LINK
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