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Tale # 104
Dept: Management Score: 158
Jan 23rd 2007 Submitted by Anonymous
“A Short Six Weeks”
A donut I was assigned the project of assessing a new market in Asia. I created a scope of work, work-back schedule, and deadline for launch: six weeks. The CEO signed off on this.

One week later, he called me urgently from this country to "send what I had." I explained I was still researching and working on copy: all I had were some early Word documents. He wanted them anyway. So I sent them.

The CEO returned a week early and called all management into the boardroom, including me. He then proceeded for the next three hours to humiliate me for my shoddy work. LINK
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Tale # 103
Dept: Sales & Marketing Score: 143
Jan 17th 2007 Submitted by Anonymous
“Go for no!”
A donut I worked for a rather large computer seller. After I had been there for a while, they initiated a new training program. Apparently, this is a very well studied method. It was called "Go for no."

Here's the premise of the policy:

A customer is almost 75% more likely to purchase something after saying no more than 5 times.

The new policy was to MAKE SURE the customer says no to EVERY thing you try to sell them AT LEAST 5 times. Needless to say, this resulted in many, many annoyed customers. LINK
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Tale # 94
Dept: Management Score: 190
Sep 18th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Pay Cuts For (Almost) Everybody”
A donut The large newspaper where I worked recently imposed a ten percent paycut on all management positions, due to severe economic constraints. This coming after three years of no raises.

Meanwhile, the publisher/owner (who inherited the position), has been spending more time traveling, skiing, and boating with his mistress (who is on the company payroll) than running the business.

Following the pay cuts, he gave himself a $1,000 a week raise on top of his already huge salary. I left without notice. LINK
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Tale # 93
Dept: Human Resources Score: 237
Sep 11th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Sub-sub-subcontracting in Iraq”
A donut I was recently hired to work overseas as a civilian contractor. My recruiter said I'd make about $100,000.

When I finished the (unpaid) two-week training course, I was told that not only would I be working in war-time Iraq, but the pay was 30% less than I'd been promised.

But the money was still good, so I went through with it. When I got to Iraq, I discovered I didn't work for the original company any more, but rather two subsidiaries removed. Apparently my employer was now a holdings bank in Uzbekistan.

We were required to buy insurance from a major "default" government insurer. This was put to the test when a buddy of mine went on R&R to Thailand and had his appendix rupture. He was flown to Japan for surgery, then home. But the hospital wouldn't accept the insurance without company approval. When he called the regional HR representative (this was at 3 AM), the rep said, "That isn't my job," and hung up.

My supervisor was called in to give a report. When it became known that my buddy had taken a Leave Without Pay (LWOP) instead of R&R (vacation pay), the medic doing the report closed his laptop and said, "Problem solved. If he's LWOP, we aren't responsible." LINK
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Tale # 91
Dept: All-Staff Score: 141
Aug 23rd 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“School Bully”
A donut A friend of mine who I'll call "David" was bullied by another teacher in his department for many years. Although David was highly qualified and had a great rapport with his students, this other staff member continually made negative comments about him behind his back and ridiculed anything he did.

At first David tried to shrug this off, even when students began telling him that she was calling him an idiot in her class. She also began using David's title ("Head Teacher") at open days and when introducing herself.

After some years, David finally complained to the head of the department, but he was completely dismissive. So David began to keep a diary to show that he was the target of this teacher's negative campaign.

He saw a counsellor, who was shocked at what the diary revealed and encouraged David to take the issue to the school CEO. The CEO listened carefully and began an investigation (things were looking up at last!), but as the issue grew larger than he could reasonably handle, he ended up telling David to simply "take it like a man."

David had a type of mini breakdown, to the point where he says he can not recall a five hour period from that day, although he can remember the uncontrollable sobbing with the counsellor for an hour and a half.

He still works there, as does his tormentor. LINK
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Showing 61 - 65 of 121 Tales.