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Tale # 90
Dept: All-Staff Score: -18
Aug 5th 2006 Submitted by Edion
“World's laziest job”
A donut It's an interesting change of pace when your friend comes into your busy shoe department at 7:30pm to complain about her lazy job.

She works as a secretary at a car dealership. Her main job is to ask other employees or the boss to come to the desk for some reason (usually a phone call). However, her boss tends to sleep in a room upstairs, and turns off the speaker, so to reach him she must call his cell phone. Except to combat this he occasionally turns off his cell phone, too.

Her coworkers aren't much different. She estimates that only about 10% of the time do they actually come when she calls them. Not because they're too busy, but just because they can't be bothered. LINK
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Tale # 89
Dept: Human Resources Score: 51
Aug 2nd 2006 Submitted by Steve Green
“Visionary minutes...”
A donut A few years back I was recruited into management for a not-for-profit organization.

The CEO was a lovely lady, but short on leadership insight (read "clueless"). She called us in groups into head office (20 minutes drive each way) for a "special meeting," which lasted 10 minutes and was about nothing that couldn't have been easily emailed.

We figured out that she wasted a whole lot of time with three groups having to go at different times.

Then she hired a consultant to help develop the company's "vision and mission." Twenty-five staff were taken out of active duty for two full days, but by the end nothing had been developed.

Funny thing is she's considered to be a local mover and shaker in the business community! LINK
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Tale # 88
Dept: Management Score: 107
Jul 29th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“What goes around”
A donut My first job was as for a moving company. The previous owners had left the books in a mess, so the new owner, a former attorney, hired me to straighten things out. He also hired a CPA and a new dispatcher who I will call Tim.

Tim decided to help me out by making some collection calls. One woman owed $800 from two years before. Tim made many calls and even rang her doorbell to collect the money. Then, all proud of himself, he went to the new owner to report his success. The owner took the cash from Tim and put it directly in his pocket, without so much as a thankyou.

The owner continued to pocket money, then several of our paychecks bounced. I called it quits and so did Tim and the CPA.

Four years later, I heard that the (former attorney) owner was being sued by many employees and that he was probably going to jail for tax evasion. LINK
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Tale # 87
Dept: Human Resources Score: 337
Jul 16th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Bed Shortage”
A donut I was sent around to work at different resorts, staying at each one for about a week.

One resort didn't seem very happy for me to be there. Upon arrival they told me they didn't have a room to put me up in. The resort was on an island, so I couldn't stay anywhere else.

Finally I was informed by the manager that I would sleep in a store room, on a fold-out bed. But I couldn't use the room before 10pm each day, because the cleaners needed access to it. And I had to be out at 6am each morning, for the same reason.

After leaving the resort, I recieved my pay and discovered they had charged me for a week's accomodation LINK
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Tale # 86
Dept: Management Score: 572
Jun 19th 2006 Submitted by Walt
“Scholarships for the Deserving”
A donut At a medium-sized private textile company, the CEO prided himself on his benevolence to his employees. He even created a non-profit Foundation which provided college scholarships for the children of plant workers. Though each scholarship was only $1000, for the very poor it did provide assistance in helping them achieve their dreams. Each year, the winners were proudly announced in the company newsletter.

After several years, my old computer died and I needed a new one. The IT guy brought in a used computer from Accounting for me to use. I soon found that this computer had been used for running the Foundation. The IT guy hadn't wiped the hard drive and so I was left with lots of information.

As I reviewed the documents (of course I looked), I noticed the CEO's children's names popping up quite frequently--like once a month. They weren't even in college, so it didn't make sense. And the numbers were much larger, too.

A little digging revealed he was paying his kids' private school tuition out of the Foundation, to the tune of $25,000 per year for three kids!

Strangely, this one didn't make the company newsletter. LINK
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Showing 66 - 70 of 121 Tales.