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Tale # 85
Dept: Management Score: 254
Jun 19th 2006 Submitted by Walt
“The Bonus Pool”
A donut In one private company I worked for, the CEO created a "bonus pool," to be split amongst the top 15 managers, salespeople, and himself, according to salary percentage.

Everyone was excited about this, as wages were not great. That is, until the end of the year, when we realized the CEO's cut of the bonus pool was $1 million, and the remainder, to be split amongst everyone else, was fairly skimpy.

The next few years were similar, until some of the VPs convinced him he shouldn't be a part of the pool--he was already making a huge salary. He agreed and made a wonderful speech to the group about removing himself.

We were anxious to see what this next year held. But at the end of the year, the numbers were still similar. What happened? The CEO just took the same $1 million before it ever reached the bonus pool. And now he was getting his from the beginning of the year instead of waiting like the rest of us! LINK
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Tale # 83
Dept: I.T. Score: 257
May 10th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“A Blessing”
A donut I worked for a non-profit company that refurbished computers for resale to underpriveledged familes. The computers were sold for the same price Microsoft charged for software licenses.

Soon after my employment started, I realised I was quite a bit more competent than all their employees. As is my nature, I stepped in and developed efficient new routines for almost all aspects of their business.

Nearing the end of my contract they were so thrilled with my work they wrote a letter saying, "We are blessed to have you in our company." As anyone would be, I was touched.

A few weeks later, they emailed me to say they'd received a CD for Microsoft Office in their mailslot, and asked if I knew anything about it. I didn't have any idea.

A few months later, the new company I was working for did a background check on me and found the non-profit had informed the police that I had defrauded them of their software and stolen from them. They had even submitted a restraining order against me. LINK
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Tale # 82
Dept: Operations Score: 141
Apr 25th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“No Boss is a Good Boss?”
A donut I worked for a business whose services included children's birthday parties. I was to do the setup and then entertain the kids: "If the children are happy, they'll make their parents come back."

On my first day of work, I was shown my job as quickly as the owner possibly could. We're talking maybe ten minutes total of explanation.

Then the owner was rushed to the hospital, where she stayed for over a week.

Suddenly I had to do a birthday party for 20+ little kids. Both food vendors messed up, and the kid's birthday cake had to be fetched while I started the party.

I spent most of the party making sure kids weren't swinging their golf clubs in the air or climbing on things they shouldn't be. I also spent quite a bit of time keeping them on our premises since the birthday girl's mother was busy talking to other parents and ignoring the children.

When the owner got back, she informed me that the mother of the birthday girl had "felt ignored." I wasn't hired to entertain the parents; I was hired to interact with the children. But despite the manager saying I was the hardest working employee ever, the owner decided I wasn't a good match for the job.

Before she could fire me, I quit. LINK
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Tale # 81
Dept: Management Score: 416
Apr 20th 2006 Submitted by Dysus
“I Was a Serial Firer”
A donut I was once manager of production, responsible for about 45 people. One day, early in the morning, the owner stopped by my office and informed me that we had just lost our major contract. As a result, we soon wouldn't have enough work to keep people employed.

When I enquired which one of us should tell the staff this, he instructed me not to inform anyone. Instead, I was to "find any reason to terminate employees. For example, if someone was a few minutes late to work, I should immediately terminate them. He said, "If that doesn't work... give them tasks that will make them want to quit."

I argued against this but the owner threatened to fire me. It was tough times in manufacturing and I needed the job.

Over the next four months I had to personally lay off 85% of our employees. Then they fired me. LINK
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Tale # 79
Dept: Management Score: 334
Apr 12th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Kidney failure had better not stop you from coming into work”
A donut My dad is a fairly high level manager for a large manufacturing corporation. They are well known in our area for being a horrible place to work.

My dad also has kidney disease, and is nearly to the point where he is going to need dialysis. Because of this, he is highly susceptible to disease, such as pneumonia.

Around Christmas, he caught pneumonia. The doctor wanted to put him in the hospital, but my dad had to work. Finally, he took some sick days, as he was about to lose them at the end of the year anyway. His boss called him at home, and told him he could jolly well work at home from his laptop, because the end of the year was no time to be getting sick.

Then, about a month ago, his boss informed him that if he goes into kidney failure, he had better figure out a way to come into work, because his being sick wasn't his boss's problem. LINK
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