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Tale # 57
Dept: I.T. Score: 822
Jan 11th 2006 Submitted by Nathan Davies
“Shooting Up”
A donut Once I got a rather strange call from my boss asking if I had noticed "anything unusual" the day before. He said he had found a used syringe in one of the offices and they had already called the police and blocked access to the room. My boss started to interrogate me and my co-workers, apparently assuming that one of us had been doing drugs in there.

When I finally got access to the room, I saw that the "syringe" had a web address on the side. It was CPU thermal paste. A support person had been in the room the day before and hadn't disposed of the thermal paste needle.

It's funny how paranoid everyone is. Even when the news got out that it was thermal paste, some people still remained suspicious. LINK
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Tale # 55
Dept: All-Staff Score: 121
Jan 7th 2006 Submitted by The Anglo
“Donuts, Shoes, and Porn”
A donut One morning we arrived at our office to discover something strange. First, donuts had been left on top of various female staff members' computer monitors. Second, some of the women who left their shoes in the office overnight (as they wore sneakers to and from work) said their shoes had been moved around. Third, some of their computers had apparently been used to browse pornographic web sites.

This was pretty strange, but what was even more bizarre was management's serious investigation into it. I was sat down by a pregnant French woman and asked whether I had come into the office at night, put donuts on computers, moved womens' shoes around, and used computers to look at "'ot schoolgirl beaches" and "ennel facking 'ores". I should have started looking for another job right then. LINK
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Tale # 53
Dept: Management Score: 445
Jan 6th 2006 Submitted by Mark
“Beware of the Shirts”
A donut I was part of a large team (100+ people) working on a worldwide rollout of a software product. It was quite a complicated business - the project was scheduled to roll out over a seven year period and we were about halfway through.

Early in the project one of the guys joked that we should have team T-shirts to build morale. Our manager said he didn't like T-shirts as they were too casual for the office. Our guy suggested golf shirts instead.

But no-one could agree and the "team shirt" debate continued, steadily becoming more serious, over the next few years.

One day, out of the blue, the manager arrives with boxes and starts handing out team golf shirts. I was impressed. Not only were they nice-looking, but they were decent quality.

He says everyone should wear their shirts the next day at our monthly all-hands meeting, to show team unity.

At the meeting we're all kidding each other about how cool we look in our team shirts. Then the VP stands up and tells us the project has been cancelled. Effective immediately.

Some of the people there had been hired two (I kid you not - TWO) days before. They looked like they had been sucker punched right there...

It's now three years since I left and the problem the project was meant to resolve has still not been fixed. Business is steadily declining as a result.

My shirt still looks sharp though. LINK
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Tale # 52
Dept: Operations Score: 144
Jan 4th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Window washers”
A donut I worked for a very clean bicycle shop. One day a friend of mine was walking past the enormous panel windows that served as the walls of the store. She recognized me, and slapped the window to get my attention. My supervisor, who had been watching the whole affair, shooed her away, and demanded that I wash the windows immediately. One of my peers, observing this overreaction, reacted with a simple shrug and rolling of the eyes. Apparently, this was grounds for his termination, for insubordination. Higher ups vetoed this decision, but he left anyway. LINK
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Tale # 51
Dept: All-Staff Score: 106
Jan 3rd 2006 Submitted by Pizza guy
“Big bad bootlickers”
A donut I used to work in a corporate pizza chain. Not as a manager, but as a cook. The guy who gets dirty, burned, and underappreciated. I emphasize the "corporate" part because, despite making incredibly good pizza, it was turning into a corporate cult. I stayed there for four years, working long hours for low pay because I loved pizza so much. The managers would make big displays out of how submissive they were to higher-level managers. I even called some of them the "big bad bootlickers." One manager got so angry at me he called me the A-word right in front of other employees.

An emphasis on corporateness is often a harbinger of bad things to come. My last winter there, it was announced that we cooks were to have another task dumped on us to relieve the workloads of other departments: we had to handwash the metal heat sinks that we put into the inch-thick pizzas to make them cook faster. This was a VERY time-consuming practice that caused us to have to stay late. Both of my managers gave me the same reason for me having to do this: "If you don't do it, we won't get our bonuses."

I didn't last much longer than that. I moved on to become a real chef elsewhere. The A-word guy eventually quit in frustration at his job. The restaurant went out of business a few years later, and a knockoff chain has taken its place.

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