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Tale # 552
Dept: I.T. Score: 76
Oct 24th 2013 Submitted by Anonymous
“This Will Teach Them All a Lesson”
A donut I worked for four years in one of the largest companies in the US witnessed or experienced my own version of just about every horror story written here but there was one that always stuck out as particularly cruel and horrible.

I worked on a production support team that was partner to a 5-man team that did bug fixes and programmed patches. The bug team consisted of several high-paid, long-time company people with masters degrees in vague things like "computer science". Most of them were actually pretty talented guys, but they had become extremely complacent and lazy.

Enter "contractor guy" from another country who was here on work visa. He was a genius, worked extremely hard, was very nice, pretty much never made a mistake and never said no to anything he was asked to do, even if it wasn't his job.

In about a year, this guy was doing all the work of the 4 of the 5 full time employees. They would come in late, leave early, defer any questions to him. They had an on-call rotation but if you paged one of the other dudes during their week, somehow contractor guy still ended up being the one staying up until 2am fixing the problem with you.

After about a year, management decided not to renew contractor guy's contract, to, and I quote "light a fire under the *** of his team, so they don't think they can just rely on one person". That'll show them, hold on to your 5 useless employees and fire the guy doing all the work. He ended up having to go back to his country and he even spent 3 months documenting everything he did. The other 5 dudes could not even be bothered to read what he'd wrote and learn what he did.

Not long after, I left this company and started my own business; I just could not be a part of something like that. LINK
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Tale # 551
Dept: Management Score: 8
Oct 11th 2013 Submitted by chris
“the ”
A donut I worked as a lifeguard for a fairly large city. The Parks and Rec department had a director, assistant director, and then an aquatics director under the other 2.

We had just built a new aquatic center so the P & R director hired an independent consultant and a new aquatics director. She was new to the pool industry so didn't have much knowledge of how to handle a pool.

The consultant was the biggest idiot I'd ever met. The policies he started went against everything we are taught as lifeguards and even bordered on illegal. For instance, he became convinced that children were purposefully defecating in the pool (the children's pool for kids 12 and under, of course there is going to be poop in the pool). so instead of clearing the pool and shocking it with chemicals, he told us to keep people away from that area and have a manager scoop it out.

About halfway through the summer, the aquatics director made a decision (that she was hired to make) at the advice of the more experience guards but it went against the consultant. He had her fired for "insubordination."
I left after that summer. LINK
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Tale # 547
Dept: All-Staff Score: 1
Jul 25th 2012 Submitted by Anonymous
“I made it work and said Okay!”
A donut I work for a call center who's main focus is rewards memberships and card protection programs. I worked in a another division with a contract from one of the major credit card issuers for four years as a team leader. when I was asked to take a Unit Manager position in our "rewards" department.

Shortly after I was transfered to this Department, I found myself shackled with impossible circumstances. The Department had three Unit Managers. One leaves on Maternity leave and I am asked to over see her team. The other is terminated for inappropriate relationships and I was asked to oversee her team. I am now at over 50 employees. I made it work and said okay! They hired one Unit Manager and he was walked off the job. He could not handle to daily berating of the Dirictor and redicules disputes from Human Resources. The new mother returned and things settled for a few months.

Then the company outsourced the department to India. In a poorly planned layoff exit, they placed employees in three rooms. One for those being kept and one with the boxes. They held six positions in this department for proccessing and consumer affairs calls/issues. I won the Unit Manager position, but I made it work and said Okay! I must state the programs sold by this company and enrolled in not so legal manner. This lead to special projects with two state Attorney General's offices and a class action suit. I managed the team and handled appropriatly. I made it work and said okay!

The company who multiple shell names change on a bi-yealy basis, transfered current sales to thier Ireland branch. I now have been threatened/screamed at by customers, lawyers, and advocates. Due to a pay freeze for five years, I have recieved nothing but one mandated cost of living raise. I made it worked and said Okay!

Now they have decided to close my department and outsource our jobs. They want me to return to my original division as a team lead, but assist them on explaining my work to those taking my job. I will have to take the offer due to unemployment and job opportunity is lacking in our area. I will make it work, but this time it is not okay!

Sometimes in life people feed you broken glass. If you eat it that is all they will serve you. LINK
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Tale # 545
Dept: Sales & Marketing Score: 20
Apr 23rd 2012 Submitted by Brian Shanahan
“No birthday for you!”
A donut A number of years ago I was working for a large international retailer (UK based) as a lowly cashier, I was in regular contact with the part-time staff, who were mostly older ladies.

When one of them was about to turn 65 we decided to start a staff collection in order to organise a birthday bash for her among the staff, mostly organised by another of the long time staff. There was no coercion involved and everybody was willing to chip in 5 (no more was asked for or accepted). Low-hours and school-age staff were also not asked to contribute.

Unfortunately the shop manager (an up-tight little so-and-so) got word of the collection and party. The next day word came down to the floor that there couldn't be a collection and that if he heard there'd been a party that heads would roll. Seemingly we were breaching company policy by running the collection, and by organising a staff party (all this was bs naturally).

By this stage we had a nice amount of money collected (about 1,000 IIRC) and we did not know what to do with it. Nobody wanted it back, but we were under scrutiny. So it was decided that we'd get something nice for the birthday girl and it would be presented to her at her family's birthday party, nicely circumventing the manager. LINK
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Tale # 541
Dept: All-Staff Score: 16
Aug 5th 2011 Submitted by Dinae G.
“Brown Shirt Day”
A donut My most embarrasing day at the job was when I crashed into the clear glass doors of my office, while I was holding my mocha. Plus it was my birthday, that day, and I was wearing all white.
Every single person in the office laughed. Even though I was the boss of everybody there.
On my next birthday, just when I got to the office; one of the employees came up to me, holding a mocha, and spilled it on my shirt.
Suddenly all the employees jumped out from their cubicles and yelled, “HAPPY BROWN SHIRT DAY!!!”
Every single person was wearing brown stained shirts.
Now they do this every year, and I gave them all promotions.

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