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Tale # 67
Dept: All-Staff Score: 233
Feb 6th 2006 Submitted by Mark
“He didn't even buy me dinner...”
A donut I worked for a consultant company but was farmed out to a major client and rarely saw my consultancy colleagues. At one of the few staff meetings I did attend, management was trying to rouse us to get more consultants into our current customers. He said, "We've got to penetrate our clients! We've got to penetrate our clients, more!"

I went back to my client and explained what I had to do to them. Howls of laughter for the rest of the afternoon. LINK
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Tale # 58
Dept: All-Staff Score: 218
Jan 13th 2006 Submitted by Mark
“What's my job, now?”
A donut I worked for a large drugstore chain. Within a month of starting, they offered me a promotion from a $7.50/hour cashier to a $10/hour inventory manager.

The morning I was to begin the new job, the store manager left on vacation without giving me any instruction other than to "get to know the store." Now, I already had a good idea of where everything was, so lacking anything better to do, I spent my time wandering up and down the isles with a scan gun, trying to look busy.

When the manager arrived back, she seemed to assume I knew what I was doing and gave me no direction or goals. Maybe she was distracted, because within two months she quit.

A new manager, a hard-nosed, serious man, arrived. After about a week, he asked exactly what it was that I did around the store. I was at a loss to answer him, since the previous manager had neglected to tell me my job.

He informed me that I couldn't use her as an excuse, since she was gone, and I had a month to "shape up". I still didn't know what I was meant to shape up to. But apparently I didn't do it, because I was shortly called back into the office and told I was returning to my job as cashier. LINK
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Tale # 32
Dept: All-Staff Score: 211
Dec 12th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“Charity begins in the office...”
A donut Working recently on a large IT project in the UK I started as a lonely temp with 7 others, one of being a friend who I had worked with before and had recommended I work there (curse him).

The induction was hell. The normal corporate "lets all get to know a little more about each other in the most embarrassing way possible." After a few months we all settled in and being a new department ideas where banded around on how to make the job more "fun" and "colleague incentives." A "Dress Down Friday" was chosen, with a "charity donation" of 1 pound per week.

A few weeks later I asked the newly-assigned ‘Charity Donation Treasurer’ (a perky 19 year old girl), "Where is the money going to?" Her response was: “I've decided it should go to breast cancer, as my aunt had it.”

Now don’t get me wrong: this is a very worthy cause and affects a lot of women; my family have been affected by cancer, as have most people I know.


I asked, “Has this been agreed by everyone? There are other charities and maybe we could split donations among a few different ones.” In a tongue-in-cheek tone I added, “It's not really charity if its enforced.”

“No, its my choice,” she said, hands on hips and voice a bit too loud.

At this point a team leader walked past and asked if there was a problem.

To which she said (again loudly) “[Craig] thinks it's wrong to give the charity money to Breast Cancer and he's not willing to donate.”

“Is this true?” I was asked by a second team leader who had now joined in.

"Well, sort of," I stumbled, “I just think if I'm going to donate, I should be able to choose where my donation is going.”

At this point I was taken off to a small room by both the team leaders and told to stop upsetting my team-mates. I was also given a verbal warning.

I have since left, but that’s a different story.... LINK
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Tale # 91
Dept: All-Staff Score: 141
Aug 23rd 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“School Bully”
A donut A friend of mine who I'll call "David" was bullied by another teacher in his department for many years. Although David was highly qualified and had a great rapport with his students, this other staff member continually made negative comments about him behind his back and ridiculed anything he did.

At first David tried to shrug this off, even when students began telling him that she was calling him an idiot in her class. She also began using David's title ("Head Teacher") at open days and when introducing herself.

After some years, David finally complained to the head of the department, but he was completely dismissive. So David began to keep a diary to show that he was the target of this teacher's negative campaign.

He saw a counsellor, who was shocked at what the diary revealed and encouraged David to take the issue to the school CEO. The CEO listened carefully and began an investigation (things were looking up at last!), but as the issue grew larger than he could reasonably handle, he ended up telling David to simply "take it like a man."

David had a type of mini breakdown, to the point where he says he can not recall a five hour period from that day, although he can remember the uncontrollable sobbing with the counsellor for an hour and a half.

He still works there, as does his tormentor. LINK
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Tale # 55
Dept: All-Staff Score: 121
Jan 7th 2006 Submitted by The Anglo
“Donuts, Shoes, and Porn”
A donut One morning we arrived at our office to discover something strange. First, donuts had been left on top of various female staff members' computer monitors. Second, some of the women who left their shoes in the office overnight (as they wore sneakers to and from work) said their shoes had been moved around. Third, some of their computers had apparently been used to browse pornographic web sites.

This was pretty strange, but what was even more bizarre was management's serious investigation into it. I was sat down by a pregnant French woman and asked whether I had come into the office at night, put donuts on computers, moved womens' shoes around, and used computers to look at "'ot schoolgirl beaches" and "ennel facking 'ores". I should have started looking for another job right then. LINK
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