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Tale # 59
Dept: Human Resources Score: 1215
Jan 14th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“It Never Pays”
A donut Working for a big corporation, you can feel pretty unimportant. In fact, you can begin to wonder exactly how much anybody cares about what you're doing.

A work friend and I decided to test the water. He would stop working, and I would work like never before.

At the end of our test period, we had a performance review.

He was raised 75 cents.

I did not get a raise.

Reasons cited:

My friend: "Worked well and was barely noticable. Two thumbs up!"

Me: "Overall negative impression. Recommend employee study work habits of (my friend)." LINK
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Tale # 75
Dept: Human Resources Score: 588
Feb 21st 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Women's Issues”
A donut I am a woman. I worked on Wall Street where the C.E.O. (a man) convened a meeting to explore "Women's Issues on Wall Street." Successful women from the firm were invited along to share their opinions.

One woman, "Diane," said she thought mothers shouldn't take maternity leave, and that women just had to work harder and longer than men to get ahead.

The C.E.O. appointed Diane as "Head of Women's Issues." Diane's boss was forced out and she became co-Head of our department, meaning that I reported to her. At 35, I had been trying to get pregnant for years, and, as everyone in the group knew, was using fertility drugs. Happily, I became pregnant with triplets.

I was a very good producer for the department, but Diane was not happy about my news. She suggested, "as a friend," that I abort one or two of my children so I could "better manage my career."

After giving birth to three beautiful children, and taking my full maternity leave; I found a new job on Wall Street. With three babies, I did not want to fight that fight. Diane continues to move ever-higher on Wall Street. LINK
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Tale # 31
Dept: Human Resources Score: 382
Dec 12th 2005 Submitted by Dojopan
“Counting the Minutes”
A donut I used to work a grocery store which was governed by a woman I would be accurate in describing as a "bean counter".

One day I called in sick, which I was, and this very lovely woman called me a liar and hung up on me. This infuriated me to the point that I called right back with every intention to resign my post but to frustrate me even more she put me on hold for ten minutes. Now, this may have been a good thing since I realized while I waited that quitting my job would hurt me a lot more than it would her. So I decided to resort to using some civilized verbal abuse (and it was indeed civilized, some words that were in my head did not escape through my mouth) and expressed my discontent with her attitude towards me as an employee. The conversation ended amicably with us coming to a common understanding. Or so I thought.

The next time I came into work I was summoned to her office. Once I got there I received no eye contact from her (her attempt to dominate the situation) and in front of her was my punch clock printout, with every day where I was even just one minute late highlighted. In this group of days being late my average was about three minutes past the hour - and this is in Iceland, where if you're ten minutes late, you're on time (in Mexico I'd have been there before she was). Still she gave me a long lecture on what a bad employee I was - this coming from the only boss I've had who hasn't given me outstanding recommendations - while my department head stood by almost burying his face in his hands. I countered with the argument that I made up for it by never taking a cigarette break, since I don't smoke, and her reply was... that nobody in the company smoked. Which was an insane lie (or delusions of some kind) since more than half of the staff were smokers at that time.

It's safe to say that I lost that battle unfairly but was redeemed when this very lovely woman got fired for being an uptight *enter civilized verbal abuse*.
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Tale # 87
Dept: Human Resources Score: 337
Jul 16th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Bed Shortage”
A donut I was sent around to work at different resorts, staying at each one for about a week.

One resort didn't seem very happy for me to be there. Upon arrival they told me they didn't have a room to put me up in. The resort was on an island, so I couldn't stay anywhere else.

Finally I was informed by the manager that I would sleep in a store room, on a fold-out bed. But I couldn't use the room before 10pm each day, because the cleaners needed access to it. And I had to be out at 6am each morning, for the same reason.

After leaving the resort, I recieved my pay and discovered they had charged me for a week's accomodation LINK
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Tale # 93
Dept: Human Resources Score: 237
Sep 11th 2006 Submitted by Anonymous
“Sub-sub-subcontracting in Iraq”
A donut I was recently hired to work overseas as a civilian contractor. My recruiter said I'd make about $100,000.

When I finished the (unpaid) two-week training course, I was told that not only would I be working in war-time Iraq, but the pay was 30% less than I'd been promised.

But the money was still good, so I went through with it. When I got to Iraq, I discovered I didn't work for the original company any more, but rather two subsidiaries removed. Apparently my employer was now a holdings bank in Uzbekistan.

We were required to buy insurance from a major "default" government insurer. This was put to the test when a buddy of mine went on R&R to Thailand and had his appendix rupture. He was flown to Japan for surgery, then home. But the hospital wouldn't accept the insurance without company approval. When he called the regional HR representative (this was at 3 AM), the rep said, "That isn't my job," and hung up.

My supervisor was called in to give a report. When it became known that my buddy had taken a Leave Without Pay (LWOP) instead of R&R (vacation pay), the medic doing the report closed his laptop and said, "Problem solved. If he's LWOP, we aren't responsible." LINK
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Showing 1 - 5 of 10 Tales in "Human Resources".