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Tale # 40
Dept: Human Resources Score: 188
Dec 13th 2005 Submitted by Daniel
A donut Under Australian law companies must contribute 9% of their employees' salary into their superannuation plan (or pension). [Kevin] worked for a big corporation known for hiring 15-18 year olds, earning $9,000 over a year and a half.

When he quit he expected to have $800 accumulated superannuation. But he discovered he in fact had $35.

Turns out there is an exemption in the law if an employee is under 18 or earns less than $450 per month.

But Kevin wasn't just underpaid. To be deducted from his superannuation was a $30 administration fee and $75 "overpay." How he could have been overpaid $75 when his total benefit was $35 remains a mystery. LINK
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Tale # 41
Dept: Human Resources Score: 130
Dec 13th 2005 Submitted by Anonymous
“Workplace Safety for Dummies”
A donut This e-mail was sent to all employees. It is not a joke.

---Original Message---
From: [name]
To: [staff]
Subject: Safety Tips

*Close* the drawers of filing cabinets when not in use

*Move* boxes out of pathways, corridors, and high traffic areas

*Hold* the hand rail when using the stairs, and keep to the left

*Wipe* up spills and wet spots in the tea room and reception

*Walk* - do not run - in the office

When the cleaners are on site, *Look* for the "Caution - Slippery When Wet" signs indicating recently mopped or polished floors

*Approach* blind corners and walkways with caution - give way at T-intersections! LINK
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Tale # 89
Dept: Human Resources Score: 51
Aug 2nd 2006 Submitted by Steve Green
“Visionary minutes...”
A donut A few years back I was recruited into management for a not-for-profit organization.

The CEO was a lovely lady, but short on leadership insight (read "clueless"). She called us in groups into head office (20 minutes drive each way) for a "special meeting," which lasted 10 minutes and was about nothing that couldn't have been easily emailed.

We figured out that she wasted a whole lot of time with three groups having to go at different times.

Then she hired a consultant to help develop the company's "vision and mission." Twenty-five staff were taken out of active duty for two full days, but by the end nothing had been developed.

Funny thing is she's considered to be a local mover and shaker in the business community! LINK
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Tale # 502
Dept: Human Resources Score: 29
Oct 1st 2010 Submitted by Anonymous
“The Circle of Life”
A donut One of my friends received a fantastic promotion to be the Director of Human Resources for a Fortune 500 company. During the interview, he was told that he had exactly what the company needed to become more efficient and effective. He was relocated across the country and given free reign to start improving operations. Two weeks later he was brought into a meeting and told his first major obligation would be to fire several hundred people. A month later he was told, "Now that that's done, you're being fired too." LINK
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Tale # 150
Dept: Human Resources Score: 18
Jun 23rd 2008 Submitted by Anonymous
“Sick leave?”
A donut Ok so one day I was told I by my manager he needed to speak to me about performance and time off. I was thinking that this would be that I needed to take some time off... no so much...

He sat me down with an HR person and need to talk to me about "Sick Leave". They told me I took too much sick time. I had taken a total of 4 days of sick leave from the company.

For some background during my training they told us that if we were sick that we needed to code that time as sick leave. So if I work from home then state that time code but if you were sick then you need to state sick.

So I did...

Way wrong answer. They told me that I needed to actually work while I was sick so they could bill my time for the client. I asked them in return that when I am sick with the flu and couldn't leave bed what should I do?

Their answer?

Take time off... LINK
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Showing 6 - 10 of 10 Tales in "Human Resources".